Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PENN captiva CV500

PENN Captiva CV500 from 1 or our teammate

Normal servicing of reel.

Shimano stradic 4000FG and TIGA Cetus 500

TIGA Cetus 500

normal servicing of reel

Reel from bro's trevor encik.

Normal servicing of reel.

Hyper tuning SS700,

Another SS700 from bro trevor,
Tuning of clicker, balancing or reel, changing of knob, and change of bushing to bearing
Normal servicing of reel

Hyper tuning SS700

SS700 from bro badawi in FK

Normal servicing of reel, modify or clicker, balancing, and change of knob

change bush bearing

AVET MX 4.5:1

Another reel into ore teammate collection
Normal servicing of reel

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Another 3 NIB SS700 were born from our teammates.

Things that were modify:
1) Modification of Balancing of reels (due to the wobbling of the reel)
2) Changing original knob to SeaHawk Knob.
3) Modification clicker for the *TING TING TING* .. so that the whole pond know they are fighting fish. kekekke..
4) Changing 1 of the plastic bush bearing to Japan bearing.
5) RE-grease the reel with with a better and higher grade competition grease.

For those kakis who say this post, u may wonder. WTH is Modification of Balancing of reels??
when u spin your SS700, u will feel the wobbling of the rotor. which is the original stats of the making of the reel regardless of its make in Japan, or even make in thailand. after some modification, the wobbliness were down to almost 80-90% while u try to spin your reel.

For those who saw this issue, and would like to know any info for the charges for the services, i will stats the list below.
1) Modification of the rotor.. $25
2) Changing original knob to SeaHawk Knob. Around ..$22+ from riverland .(u can choose to get your own knob and pass to me)... FOC

3) Modification of clicker and servicing dragpad.. $10

4) Changing 1 of the plastic bush bearing to Japan bearing. $5
( change all bearing, 3bearing and 1 plastic bush to 4 bearing.. $20

5) RE-grease the reel with with a better and higher grade competition grease. ( servicing).. $15

Stradic Ci4 1000

changing of Seahawk knob

Sunday, November 7, 2010

faulty parts on VS40

this might due to the screwing too hard, or over stressing on the reel..

Perfect Cast CP2000

Perfect Cast CP2000

General servicing or reel



Normal servicing of reel

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shimano sahara 2500FD

Shimano sahara 2500FD

normal servicing of reel and changing of all bearing

Sahara internal part1
(previous owner anyhow squeeze grease on the outer part of the feel)

sahara internal part2
(the whole reel is filled with grease, but not the gear)

change of all 3 bearing and 1 plastic bushing to bearings

Penn Powergraph 1000

normal servicing of reel

Shimano Biomaster 2000

Shimano Biomaster 2000

normal servicing of reel and change of bearing.

change all 4 bearing

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Diawa Millionaire 203A

Diawa Millionaire 203A

normal servicing of reels
(btw picts is taken before cleaning n svc. )

TeamSeahawk Bass 7.0:1

TeamSeahawk bass

And other baitcaster from our teammates.. normal servicing of reel

Shimano Black Magnum BKM 201FS

Shimano Black Magnum BKM 201FS

normal servicing if this old school. quite headache assembling the reel. cos... cos... abit chimm..

Friday, October 1, 2010

Shimano TwinPower 5000

Shimano TwinPower 5000

normal servicing of reel

Daiwa Steez 103H


normal servicing of baitcaster

Abu ambassaduer Morrum SX3600C-MAG

Morrum SX3600C-MAG

normal servicing of reel.

Abu ambassaduer 9000

abu ambassaduer 9000
Normal servicing of reel

Thursday, September 30, 2010



general servicing of this reel



normal servicing or reel

Sunday, August 15, 2010

ABU Ambassadeur 2500C

change Teflon drag back to carbon fiber drag
ABU Ambassadeur 2500C (left )

ABU Ambassadeur 2500C (right view)

Normal servicing of reels.

drag polich n buffed


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